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Student Progression
How does the institution assess the student's preparedness for the programme and ensure that they receive appropriate academic and professional adive through the commencement of their professional eduction programme (student's pre-requisite knowledge and skill to advance) to completion ?
Student imitation prepares timetable of academic schedule in the vasrika of each semester. During this programme students are prepared for necessary skills. Students are made aware of new methods for further studies and methods for entrance test of M.Ed and what is the weightage of marks for this entrance test of M.Ed
How does the institution ensure that the campus enviroment promotes motivation, satisfaction, development and performance improvement of the students ?
To Promote motivation, the institution provides healthy enviroment. For the students who are late in the course or comparatively weaker students, professors guide them when over they need any help in any subject or in any topic. Academic, personal and career counselling is provided to the students. For enhancing the effectiveness of the faculty in teaching and monitoring, frequent faculty meetings for evaluation of programmes, and for their professional development programme are conducted.
Give gender-wise dropout rate after admission in the last five years and list possible reasons for the dropout. Describe (if any) the mechanism adopted by the institution for controlling the drop out ?
We don't have this type of drop out problem
What additional services are provied to students for enabling them to compete for the jobs and progress to higher education ? How many students appeared/qualified in SLET, NET, Central/State services through competitive examination in the last two years ?
To enable the students for job, and progress to higher education, some Arrangement is made available in the library cuttings of the carrier news Magazine, Employment news is kept on the notice boardd regulary. Counseling and higher education about 5 to 7 students had cleared NET, SLET
What percentage of students on an average goes for further studies/chooses teaching as a career ? Give details for the last three years ?
Progression rate to employment is approximately 65% and to further study 35%. (It is a rough estimate; no concrete date for the source is available.) Some of the students after completing Master's degree have been appointed as Lectures in Colleges.
Does the institution provide training and access to library and other education related electornic information, audio/video resoruces, computer hardware and software related and other resources available to the student teachers after graduating from the institution ? If yes give details on the same.
General introduction of the library usage is given during the initial part of the course staring, During programme students are guided to use various hardware, software and available resources for the uses in their lesson planning.
Does the institution provide placement services ? If yes, give details on the services provided for the last two years and the number of students who have benefited.
The institution do not have job placement cell in the institution but during practice teaching session, if any school is in need of good teachers the professors Suggests the name of some of the students and help them to get job.
What are the difficulties (if any) faced by placement cell ? How does the institution over come these difficulties ?
The institution don't have special format for placement cell. So far as job in government sector is concerned at present there is a Bana in government sector. But at the time of practice teaching when any school require names of scholar students.
Does the institution have arrangements with practice teaching schools for placement of the students teachers ?
Some of the students got the placement through the recommedation of the faculty of the college in practice teacing schools regarding the performance of the student teacher.
What are the resources (fincial, human and ICT) provided by the institution to the placement cell ?
Professional guidance is provied to the trainees through Lectures, Discourssions, Symposiums, Exhibitions, etc. Guidance regarding getting government loans and subsidies is also provided to the students. The services of the local Employment Exechange are obtained. The Employment Officer would organize a Career Corner where guidance regarding different job opportunities available at the particular time is provied. Employment News is availble in the college.
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