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Student Support
How does the curricular (teaching-learing processes), co-curricular and extra curricular programmes planned, (developing academic calender, communication across the institution, feedback) evaluted and revised to achieve the objetives and effective implementation of the curriculum ?
For curricular activity the institution arranges lectures for new topics and experts from Education dept i.e. Mr. Pradeep Jobanputra, Dr. Kirit Desai, Dr. Anil Ambasana.
                       So, for as extra curricular activity is concern 3 students have won differnet competitions at north zone level of youth festival and they are sent to Amreli for Interzone competition . The college organizes off campus teaching practice for one week in a basic school located in a rural area of another district where the students not only reside there but also learn the mechanics of teaching in a rural area. This off campus training is indeed appreciative. Another teacher having the expertise in theatre prepares the students in organizing various theatrical events, dance events and other cultural activities. The college collects feed back from its pupil-teachers at the end of the year. The feed back is discussed in the staff meeting and put to its advantage.
How is the curricular planning done differently for physically challenged students ?
In the institution, separate arrangement is done for computer work they are free t owork at ground floor office room. But for lectures they are coming upstairs with their own consent
Does the institution have mentoring arrangements ? If yes, how is it organized ?
The college provides academic and personal counseling to the sutdents. The college Wall Paper provides infromation on different topics from time to time. The topics are of the general interest to the students. Personal guidance is available to the students. There is a family atmosphere. A good rapport exists between the Management, the teachers and the students.
What are the various provisions in the institution, which support and enhance the effectiveness of the faculty in teaching and mentoring of students ?
For enhancing the effectveness of the faculty, there is computer facility available in the library. When University arranges any lecturer fro lecturers, the institutional staff is sent there on duty. When University arranges any refresher course or any orientation course lecturers are taking benefit of these types of programmes. Student's Council helps in organization of a number of college activities like Prayer assembly, culural activities, community oriented programmes, campus development. Its representatives also are involved in decision making in college functioning.
Does the institution have its website ? If yes, what is the information posted on the site and how often is it updated ?
Yes, the College has its own webiste. It contains the details about the courses, rules and regulations of admissions, the details of the fee sturcture, and the college calender of the year, the availability of scholarships. It is quite a comprehensive documentand enlightens every student of the rules and regulations of the college life during the study programme. The details of the financial aids and concessions available to the OBCs/SC/ST students by the college are metioned. Details of faculty of college, extra activities of the college and alumni information are also available.
Does the institution have a remedial programme for academically low achievers ? If yes, give details.
For academically law achievers, in the college test is arranged and for the students who are getting less marks than standard marks, the lecturers teaches then again and again test is taken for their improvement in learning.
What specific teaching strategies are adopted for teaching
(a) Advanced learners and (b)Slow Learners
For the students who are slow in learning, the lecturers teach them again and after that they are tested again by remedial test for their improvement in studies.
What are the various guidance and counseling services available to the studnets ? Give details.
For guidance and counseling various committees is formed in the institution such as student grievances cell, library committee, com for co-curricular activity, com for girl's help etc. The personal guidance tutor plays the central role in the system of support and guidance. The principle on which the system is based is that the tutor must be someone who teaches the student, so that both academic and pastoral care can be provided; Students on this programme felt that they were well informed and supported.
What is the grievance redressed mechanism adopted by the institution for students ? What are the major grievances redressed in last two years ?
The college has a Grievance Redressal mechanism, but it is hardly needed because the pupil-teachers remain only for few moths here and a close relation between them reduce the grievances.
How is the progress of the candidates at different stages of programms monitored and advised ?
The Division has fully achieved its aim of offering the opportunity for students with a wide range of educational backgrounds and qualifications to benefit from higher education. Staff shows a caring attitude towards the students they teach and a considerable amount of time and effort is devoted to student support and welfare. The students were particularly complimentary about the appoachability of staff and the concern they showed for the students.

The following are the key features.

1. Mechanisms for recording and measuring annual progress/satisfactory or unsatisfactory completion by students of programmes and units.

2. Accurate record - keeping of student attainments :

     -> results/marks for individual units
     -> progress decisions
     -> overall classfication of degrees or final award marks

3. Procedures for informing students of the outcomes of assessments and of the support available to them if progress is not satisfactory.
How does the institution ensure the student's competency to begin practice teaching (Pre-practice preparation details) and what is the follow-up support in the field (practice teaching) provided to the students during practice teaching in schools ?
The institution ensures the students competency to begin practice teaching. The students are advised and helped to take their lesson in college class room so comfidence can be increased they are advised to do back board work in their own class to improve their hand writing. Separate practice lessons are taken at college level to give them more practice and to prepare the students for school lessons.
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